Pull Up Gym Rope, Chin Up Rope

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36mm Synthetic Manila Pull Up / Chin Up Gym Rope.

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All of our pull up gym ropes are complete with adhesive shrink tubing on each end.
These are to help with gripping.

Synthetic Manila pull up ropes are ideal to be used in most locations making them a great fitness aid to take anywhere, they are a great choice which can be used in the gym or at home. 

We offer two different types of grips, Adhesive shrink tubing and Resin dipped. 

Both end finishes offering a superior grip even with wet hands.


These ropes are a cheaper alternative to a pull-up bar.

Simply place the rope over a bar or beam, leaving a handle hanging at each side.

If you require a longer or shorter length, then please ask.

All ropes are handmade to order.