Gods Of Grip 2.5" Pinch Block Grip Training Tool UK Made

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The Gods Of Grip Pinch Block range is finally ready. We have been perfecting the design and fine tuning the measurements. Available in 3 different widths, our pinch blocks will take your pinch grip strength to the next level!

Available in some dazzling colours be sure to get your hands on these quick as there is currently very limited stock.

The main features of the 2.5" Pinch Block - Vidar;

  • 4.5" Depth - even the biggest hands can't reach the bottom
  • 6" Long - Perfect size for one hand pinch lifts
  • 2.5" Width - Mid size pinch block
  • Spray Painted In A Variety Colours

All you need to get started your chosen pinch block, a loading pin,  a carabiner and some weight!