Pro Dipping Belt-Pull ups 120kg

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Why choose the Pro Dipping Belt?


  • It is made thicker and stronger than others on the market and comprises an inner core made of polypropylene that makes the belt incredibly strong and able to handle any weight you can hang from it.
  • Fully tested by strength athletes with weights in excess of 120kg and fully welded toughened buckles.
  • Comfortable padded fit no matter the weight you are using.
  • Comes with a generous chain and carabiner as pictured.

Why even use a dipping belt?

There comes a time in many peoples training journey when their body weight is no longer enough. For example if you could do 20 pull ups in a row it means that you are in desperate need of making that exercise harder! Easy, just get yourself a dipping belt like this one and you can then start by hanging 10kg from your waist which will add dificulty again and make you progress in strength!   

Just the same way as you would add weight to a bar when it becomes easy.

This is a one size fits all product suitable for men and women.