Pro Wrist Wraps-Heavy gauge 3mm-Support-Powerlifting- Weightlifting

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(This is a one size fits all product)

  • HEAVY DUTY 3MM THICK MATERIAL powerlifiting approved extra thick material most wraps are only 2mm. It is in fact the thickness of material that provides a lot of support rather than purely the length of support
  • THEY WORK! MADE BY DEMANDING PEOPLE FOR DEMANDING PEOPLE our athletes are regularly bench pressing over 220kg and sometimes much more. We are number 1 choice for many strength athletes.
  • PROPRIETARY MATERIAL BLEND to give you the perfect amount of support and stiffness for the ultimate wrist position under stressful loads
  • REINFORCED STITCHING AND THUMB LOOPS means they will not let you down. If you need high performance and durability then we are your choice.

Why use Pro Wrist Supports?  


We take the effectiveness and quality of our products very seriously. Our supports have been designed in conjunction with elite powerlifters and strongmen to give the most support, stiffness and comfort so you can focus on lifting your very best, not on how much your wrists hurt! You can also use for any other strength and or combat application such as boxing, mma etc. 
For this reason we are confident our supports are some of the best available on the market today and many elite lifters agree. 

Build Quality  

With our 3mm thick proprietary material blend you can not get any better. Not only this but we also utilise reinforced double layered stitching on all areas with upgraded extra thick  
adherence technology velcro which is the most durable and best performing. The thumb loops are very heavy duty and provide additional reflex support to your lifts.  
(Please refer to the above diagram for specifications of the supports, one size fits all)  

They work  

They have been tested under immense loads from elite lifters. You will feel the difference and you will get the results that you desire from your wrist supports.  

If you have any questions please contact us  
We will get back to you right away so please do not hesitate to do so.