Open Gloves (pair) + 300ml Super Grip Liquid Chalk

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  • MORE PROTECTION Keeps your palms protected against cuts and calluses during training. Ideal for calisthenics,strength training and gymnastics.

  • GRIP + FREE LIQUID CHALK WITH EVERY PAIR provides extra grip for squats, pull-ups and is even better with chalk!

  • SIZE / MATERIAL please see our sizing chart in the images. Made from extreme hard-wearing leather and with a Velcro wrist strap for a perfect fit.

  • THE MOST DEPENDABLE heavy duty velcro means wrist straps stay fixed at all times, making them suitable for INDOOR or OUTDOOR use. Ideal for use in competition!

  • COMFORTABLE FIT and feel nice on the hands so you can focus on training and not how much your gloves are pinching you!

Why Choose The YAYB Protein Open Gloves?

We took other designs and tested them out ourselves to find some of the common issues. One of which was 
that many open style glove pinch and become uncomfortable so we utilized ergonomic slit line openings. 
to counter this. We insist on the highest of quality for our gloves meaning they will last! 

Material Quality 

We use the best quality leather available with which means that over time our gloves will endure much better 
and give less wear and tear. 

Some Of The Strongest Athletes In the North West UK Use Our Gloves

They perform at the highest levels squatting and deadlifting into the 700lb+ range and have used our products to 
help take them to this extreme standard. We use their feedback to continually improve and give the dedicated 
athlete exactly what they need.

YAYB super grip liquid chalk 300ml:

Super grip liquid chalk is a high quality product made from pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate and ultra pure ingredients to minimize the damage to your skin.

Because we sell directly to you we can bring you this fantastic product at much reduced rates by cutting out the middle man!

Who we supply:  

Over 40 gyms nationwide, powerlifting clubs, private gyms, climbing centres, Yoga centres, Rock climbing clubs, bodybuilding gyms and many other private training facilities across the UK and have many other very happy customers.

Why not save some money and give us a try today, you will not be disappointed!

Instructions (how does it work)

Simply apply an amount the size of a 2 pence coin and rub into your hands. As the evaporation takes place in 45-60 seconds you will be left with perfectly chalked hands with little mess. It is really that simple!

Customer information

We make sure that every customer is fully satisfied, this is our main priority. Please do let us know if you have any issues or would like to ask any questions.

If you have any questions please contact us  
We will get back to you right away so please do not hesitate to do so.