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  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY with the added safety feature of a double locking mechanism. Many belts do not have this which causes them to slip. We think about things like that so our belts all come with double lock built in!
  • UNIFORM BELT width circumference of 4 inches. The size used in powerlifting. Meaning you can get the belt a little tighter. Having a wider belt is not a more effective way to prevent injury and means it is harder to get the belt tightness sometimes needed.
  • TAKE YOUR TRAINING up a level and get that bit more by using a good belt. Having more intra abdominal pressure by bracing against a belt can give you more tightness and more power! Add some more numbers to your Squat and Deadlift!
  • TOUGH GRADED MATERIALS so you can trust your belt when you need it to perform. Featuring inner padded high grade neoprene and an outer strength core.
  • YAYB EQUIPMENT is used by the strongest people in the North West UK including competitive strongmen.

Why Choose the YAYB double locking weight lifting belt?  

We have developed our equipment to be extremely good value for money while at the same time giving you all you need to train at your best.  
Our team all train hard and heavy. It features competitive strongmen and powerlifters who have a big impact on product development here at YAYB. For this reason we know exactly what you want and what is needed from strength gear!  

We are a company that is serious about knowing what you need to take your training up a level! Get YAYB today.

Customer information

We make sure that every customer is fully satisfied, this is our main priority. Please do let us know if you have any issues or would like to ask any questions.


We advise all people to use strong spotters and always follow a safe training protocol as you will be using weights that are much heavier than you are used to.

Any questions about this product please ask and we will get back to you right away.